Merrills Fish Grill


We are currently recruiting new franchisees.

Becoming Your Own Boss
If you’re thinking about becoming your own boss, you’re in the right place! Here at Merrills Fish Grill we believe that every enterprising individual can find the business opportunity to suit their needs. This page will help you find out if our brand is the right franchise opportunity for you.

This page will help you find out if Gills Fry Fry is the right franchise opportunity for you.

Our Food and Service
Merrills Fish Grill serves fresh, fast food. We exist to serve our customers great food at a great price – and to help our team deliver this time after time. We’re an innovative business, always moving forward and at the forefront of the fish and chip industry.

Our Brand
We believe in the Merrills Fish Grill and the Gills Fry Fry brand. And because of this we protect the investment of our franchisees and shareholders, and the jobs of our team members. We invest time and money in upholding the positive reputation of our brand.

Supporting Franchisees
Franchisees are both our customers and business partners. It’s our job to support you in your efforts to run profitable Merrills Fish Grill and Gills Fry Fry businesses and to ensure that our brand standards are achieved across the board, delivering profitable businesses for everyone involved.

Talk to us: For more details on running your own Merrills Fish Grill or Gills Fry Fry as a Franchise, partnership or lease, then: please complete the Franchise Enquiry Form opposite.

please complete the Franchise Enquiry Form opposite.